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Welcome to LEONARD GEORGE, A Reputation Development Company for Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists & Creatives!  We are in the business of managing a precious organizational asset - your reputation.

As most know, reputations are hard to build and easy to destroy. The power of the media can make or break most anyone; the exposure can be a game changer. Our job at LEONARD GEORGE is to ensure that your "game change" remains positive for long-term success.

"Good reputations create wealth," says Dr. Charles J. Frombrun, author of REPUTATION from Harvard Business School Press.

We like to think so. This is our philosophy and our role is to build and maintain your reputation within high-profile media circles. It's a starting off point for more.

What Is Your Reputation Worth?

Regardless of where a company's reputation sites, a rigorous and systematic approach to reputation development, marketing and management can, in fact, yield a demonstrable competitive advantage. That's tangible economic value.

A good reputation -- as reliable, credible, trustworthy and responsible - can enhance profitability because it attracts customers to products, investors to entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to charitable causes.

Within our website, we've included all and everything you might need to know about our business and the benefit you can receive from our association, and likewise.

Thank you for considering LEONARD GEORGE as your Personal Brand Manager. We look forward to working with you.

- Daniella Cracknell
CEO/Founder, Managing Partner

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“Good reputations create wealth.”
-Charles J. Fombrum, author of REPUTATION from Harvard Business School Press