At LEONARD GEORGE we enjoy working with visionaries, jetsetters and innovators. Our personal favorites are the dreamers who think big, are passionate about what they do and are risk averse. Like our clients, we too have an entrepreneurial, philanthropic and creative spirit, and founded LEONARD GEORGE as a tool to turn dreams into reality. 

LEONARD GEORGE stems from the expertise of company founder Daniella Cracknell, a seasoned media spokesperson who has represented some of the most highly recognized news and entertainment personalities in America. She has driven large-scale promotional campaigns for high-profile daytime talk shows, TV newsmagazines and cable lifestyle series, and now drives LEONARD GEORGE with a high level of personalized customer service, directing product launches from ground floor UP.​

Our experience base comes from living and working in the nation's top media markets, places where reputations garner media influence and national clout. We have a bi-coastal presence. For entrepreneurs, we are in New York; for creatives, we are in Los Angeles; and for philanthropists, we work in the nation's philanthropic center, Washington D.C.

For the international set, we find ourselves in London where LEONARD GEORGE has familial heritage and an entertainment history of its own, about an actor on the up-rise, among Britain’s leading TV stars. He had a stunningly beautiful wife and an adorable baby daughter. Yet, at his prime, good luck collided with misfortune, a mental illness ending his career and life as he knew it. We therefore, dedicate LEONARD GEORGE to what could have been, to the 'what ifs,' and believe in turning impossibilities into possibilities. It has become our mission.

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