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Do you want to:
  1. Look professional and confident on television and before live audiences? 
  2. Deliver a message that is winning, powerful, effective and memorable? 
  3. Ensure key messages are communicated accurately by the media? 
  4. Experience better working relations with members of the media?
  5. Increase confidence and control when faced with media interviews? 
  6. Bottom-line, win in media interview situations and in public appearances? 
Then Pundit School is for you! It is the training ground for CEOs, dignitaries, business executives, spokespeople, on-air personalities, experts, and authors on what it takes to be and stay in the spotlight - and/or when a camera unknowingly shows up on your doorstep.  

In Pundit School, you will be trained by the best in the business - the nation’s leading media training authority JESS TODTFELD, whose track record includes training experts to go up against their worst case scenario - top cable news pundit Bill O’Reilly. 

Click HERE for a sneak peek at what “Pundit School” entails as explained by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show
- Where Todtfeld's expertise is solicited to explain what it “really” takes to go up against top-rated pundits like Bill O’Reilly. 

Todtfeld’s expertise comes from over a decade as a TV producer behind cable’s #1 primetime pundit show The O’Reilly Factor and cable’s #1 morning show Fox & Friends. He is author of “Media Training Crash Course, Being #1 (2012) and “Media Training A to Z” and “Presentation Training A to Z.”

He is also President/CEO of Results First Training & Consulting, one of the leading business communication and media training authorities in the U.S. And n
o one wants to rank on Todtfeld’s annual “Top Ten List of Epic Media Meltdowns”! So, together with Todtfeld on our side, LEONARD GEORGE provides the insider tricks and training on how to, not just become a better public speaker, but be a better media expert, a pundit.   

To prove Todtfeld’s strategies work, Todtfeld garnered a Guinness Record for having given the most interviews in 24 hours. He himself has successfully appeared in the media from CNN to CNBC and Fox Business News, and has been quoted in major media outlets to include Forbes, Washington Times, The Financial Times, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.   

Todtfeld is not only an expert on the topic but he also hosts TV programs based on it. He is host of America’s Premiere Experts, a national business show seen on CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX affiliates across the U.S., and host of Newsmaker TV, an internet TV show featuring business experts and authors.   

This seasoned media relations executive has trained clients from the United Nations, IBM, JPMorgan, AARP, USA Today, The World Children’s Wellness Foundation, Land Rover USA, The American College of Emergency Room Physicians, Scripps TV Networks, North Face Apparel, and the ASPCA. 

Todtfeld and other LEONARD GEORGE experts give customized speeches for groups on topics related to Effective Business Communication and on How To Speak to the Media.

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“Good reputations create wealth.”
-Charles J. Fombrum, author of REPUTATION from Harvard Business School Press