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A Reputation  Development Company 




LEONARD GEORGE develops brands based on individuals for television, publishing and speaking opportunities. Our 'Pundit School' is a training ground for business executives, up-and-coming personalities, and authors on what it takes to be and stay in the media spotlight as CREDIBLE, COMPELLING and NEWSWORTHY.



‘As Seen on TV …’ Credibility Advertising Can’t Buy. LEONARD GEORGE.tv creates ‘As Seen On TV’ credibility products through placement on popular talk show programs across the United States. Brands are featured alongside other products as a ‘Must Have’ through TV segments hosted by consumer influencers with social media followings.


‘Seen & Heard’ Social Credibility, The Quality of Being Trusted and Believed. According to studies, 84% of consumers trust Word-Of-Mouth recommendations the most, and 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads. Why Reviews Matter? Don’t take our word for it…


What are influencers saying about you?


...As New Brands Conceptualized for Mass appeal and Old Ones Reinvented as Something New and Useful



LEONARD GEORGE advises on how to blend expertise with passion into a legacy brand. The company works with dreamers, visionaries and innovators who think big, are passionate about what they do, and want to lead by example. Sound like YOU?



'As Seen on TV' is credibility advertising can't buy. LEONARD GEORGE creates exposure  for clients through product placement on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX affiliates across the United States with positive reviews online.


LEONARD GEORGE brings decade+ experience in the media industry. Don't take our word for it. According to studies, 84% of consumers trust Word-Of-Mouth recommendations the most. It's how clients find us, by referral. How do customers find YOU?


LEONARD GEORGE brings top tier expertise to the table with a "high standard of delivery, top notch responsiveness and follow-through," according to client, among nation's leading attorneys.


LEONARD GEORGE engages clients through 5 practice areas:

  1. BRANDING: Packaging new ideas, building brands

  2. PUBLICITY: Acquiring social credibility and awareness 

  3. BROADCAST: Producing TV concepts and social content  

  4. PUBLISHING: Developing experts into authors, booking tours

  5. SPEAKING: Creating speaker portfolios and platforms

LEONARD GEORGE builds reputations as reliable, credible, trustworthy and responsible. That's tangible economic value.  A 'good reputation' attracts customers to products, investors to entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to charitable causes. 

Those who invest in our services typically want to RAISE industry status, GAIN ground over competition, GENERATE relevance, INFLUENCE buying power, and/or MERGE one industry into another to create a new category for doing business. 

CLIENTS say LEONARD GEORGE "turns good into extraordinary" and "the creativity phenomenal." 

What is Your Reputation Worth?

Find Out by Giving LEONARD GEORGE a Call!

What Is Your Reputation Worth?

Find Out By Giving LEONARD GEORGE a Call!

CONTACT: Daniella Cracknell, 917-991-3364

PO BOX 880724, Boca Raton, FL 33488 

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