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To Brand YOU

Step 1: Foundation Building

Who Are You, What Are You? & Why You?

Includes marketplace assessment of: 

  • Books Written

  • Publicity Placements

  • Sizzle Reel Offerings

  • On-Air Track Record

  • TV/Radio Appearances

Step 2: Marketplace Positioning

Is There Room for You in the Marketplace?

Includes analysis and formulation of:

  • Unique Selling Proposition 

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Niche, Mainstream Targets

  • Marketplace Dominance 

  • Vision Statement

Step 3: Brand Packaging

What Do You Uniquely Offer Today’s Consumers?

Includes our '6 Tools for Competitive Advantage':

  1. Brand Strategy

  2. Brand Overview

  3. Brand Essence

  4. Brand Concept

  5. Brand Image

  6. Brand Content 

Step 4: Image Development *Additional Fees Apply

Do You Look & Speak the Part? 

Includes education & training with branding elements:

  • Hair, Make-Up & Wardrobe Do You Consistently Look the Part?

  • Media & Presentation Training Can You Talk the Talk?

  • Head Shots What Is Your First Impression?

  • Promotional Video Do You Have an Expert Reel?

  • Red Carpet Access Are You Walking Them?

  • Logo, Business Cards & Stationary Do You Have a Signature Trademark?

  • Websites & Blogs, Social Followers What Is Your Audience Reach?

  • Promotional Items Do You Have Audience Giveaways?

Step 5: Product Development

What Are Your Deliverables, Consumer Offerings?

  • Products?

  • Services?

  • Expertise?

  • Advice?

  • Books?

  • TV Series?

Step 6: Brand Packaging

Are You Today’s News Headline?

  • Publicity & Promotion

  • Social Media Integration

  • Speaking Platforms & Tours

  • Publishing & Book Tours

  • TV/Radio Show Production Deals

Read MORE on 6 Tools for Competitive Advantage ... 

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