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For Competitive Advantage

TOOL 1: Brand Strategy

How do YOU turn your vision into reality?

Features business planning elements:

  • Vision & Mission Statement

  • Goals & Objectives
    Marketplace Sectors

  • Target Audience

  • Strategic Approach 

  • Strengths & Weaknesses

  • A Tactical Timeline

Leonard George Figurehead, Lead Inspirat
TOOL 2: Brand Overview

How do YOU want to appear in headlines?

Answers 5 elements of a news lead:

  • WHO? The Expertise You Deliver

  • WHAT? The Solution You Provide

  • WHY? The Problem You Address

  • WHERE? The Situation You Save

  • HOW? The Product You Promise

  • AndWHEN? The Timing of Your Service

TOOL 3: Brand Essence

What do YOU deliver that others don't?

Identifies the essence of YOU in terms of:

  • Emotional Benefits?

  • Rational Benefits?

  • Functional Benefits?

  • Brand Attributes?

  • And The Bedrock?

TOOL 4: Brand Concept

What are YOU, your elevator pitch? '

  • A New Product

  • A New Author

  • A New TV Show

  • A New Expert

  • A New Website

TOOL 5: Brand Image

Does your outside match your inside?

  • Hair

  • Make-Up

  • Wardrobe

  • Press Kit

  • An Entourage

TOOL 6: Brand Content

Is there proof of delivery, a story to tell?

  • Audience Takeaway

  • Product Testimonials

  • Social Media Following

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Uniqueness & Originality

  • Expert Capability

  • Repeat Media Appearances

Don't have the answers, learn MORE.

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