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If There IS a Will, There IS a Way

Leonard George Cracknell

LEONARD GEORGE is named after the late actor Leonard George Cracknell of BBC television and radio fame. His reputation among Britain’s leading actors began at an early age where discovered by a talent agent during a school play. He quickly rose to theatrical stardom on London’s West End and then with leading roles in British film, television and radio. The late actor now sits as company figurehead and lead inspiration, and his daughter, DANIELLA CRACKNELL, leads as CEO/President of LEONARD GEORGE.


It is his story of great luck yet great tragedy that leads our everyday. He was an actor on the up-rise, a young handsome lad, full of promise and great fortune among Britain’s leading actors. He had a beautiful wife and an adorable baby daughter. Yet, at the prime of his life, he was ripped unjustly of it all by a debilitating mental illness. 


We therefore, dedicate LEONARD GEORGE to what could have been, to the “What Ifs,” and now work with dreamers, visionaries and innovators who think big, are passionate about what they do, and believe in turning impossibilities into possibilities, believing that, if there is a will, there IS a way. It has become our mission. Read MORE.

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