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Why Be an Author?

What Could Happen ...

Being a published author lends real credibility, hard to duplicate in any other way. Experts can sell hundreds of thousands of copies of their books and sell foreign rights in many countries internationally. Advertising at its best! YOU could experience one or all of the following: 

  • Maximized audience = Book Sales

  • Expert profile raised = Book Sales

  • Broadcast appearances = Book Sales

  • Book vetted for TV and/or Film = Book Sales

  • Speaking opportunities = Book Sales

5 ways LEONARD GEORGE can help YOU with your first or next book: 

  1. Book concept, outline and proposal

  2. Book agent resourcing and talent management

  3. Book production, ghost writing, cover design and editing 

  4. Book publishing, self publishing and/or traditional 

  5. Book promotion, media interviews and book reviews


Plus, MORE:


  • Develop your speaker portfolio, message and presentation

  • Submit you to speaking bureaus and handle speaking engagements

  • Orchestrate promotions, media tours and appearances on your behalf

What is YOUR Reputation Worth?

As one author says: LEONARD GEORGE is "the turn-around expert" and featured the work we did together in a Wiley publication we helped create in THE A?K for Business, Philanthropy and Everyday Living, along with other supporting e-books Is Money Making You Sick?


“What is special and unique is that LEONARD GEORGE has the uncanny ability to draw a string around everything you have done, all your skills and attributes of the past, and then showcase them in a way you never imagined to get you to your Next Level…”  says client Laura Fredricks, JD, today, among thought leaders on money wellness.


Adding, “This sets the stage ... I went from a person who transitioned from law into philanthropy, and now a highly sought-after speaker with appearances on major cable news, and yes, was the featured presenter with two other major powerhouses, of which one was a Presidential candidate."    

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