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Authors and Their Stories

LEONARD GEORGE packages authors as thought leaders and subject matter experts with expert tips the media can use, which in turn secure media interviews and speaking opportunities. Among stories we tell ...

Laura Fredricks, expert on the ask, wiley, authors, publishers, experts, philanthropy, business

Laura Fredricks is a four-time author of industry leading books on ‘How to A$K for Money -- and More of It.’ She calls LEONARD GEORGE 'the turn-around expert' for moving her brand into mainstream with this book. Adding: "What is special and unique is that LEONARD GEORGE has the uncanny ability to draw a string around everything you have done, all your skills and attributes of the past, and then showcase them in a way you never imagined to get you to your Next Level…” Read more!

Race-Baiter, Eric Deggans, Author, books, publishers, media tours, radio tours
RACE-BAITER: How the Media Wields Dangerous Words to Divide a Nation by ERIC DEGGANS

Eric Deggans is also a TV critic for NPR. Of our work, he says: “When I was trying to spread word about my just-published book on race and media - at a time when many media companies were afraid of writings that criticized Fox News and most media outlets - Daniella stepped up and offered invaluable help. She got me booked on loads of radio shows, helped develop the promotional materials I used and gave me the confidence to go out and sell a book that criticized both Bill O'Reilly AND Al Sharpton. Thanks to Daniella, my book Race-Baiter: How the Media Wields Dangerous Words to Divide a Nation reached many more people than I thought it ever would.” More on

Unlicensed Marriage, Book, Author, Bruce Littlefield
MOVING IN: Tales of an Unlicensed Marriage by BRUCE LITTLEFIELD, a NY TIMES Bestselling Author

Littlefield is TV’s most up-spirited, lifestyle expert who promotes a light and comedic twist on decoration, renovation and American fun. He has sold millions in books and in 12 languages around the world and lists 35K Twitter followers; 18K YouTube viewers with regular segments on the top 3 national morning shows. Of working with LEONARD GEORGE, he says, “For my book Bedtime Book for Dogs, LEONARD GEORGE opened promotional doors that were closed. Period. Despite challenging budgets and resources within today’s publishing industry, LEONARD GEORGE found solutions, possibilities, made it happen.” More 

Fatal Sunset, author, books, Mark Yoshimotto Nemcoff, self-publishing, publishers, radio tours
FATAL SUNSET: Deadly Vacations BY MARK YOSHIMOTTO NEMCOFF, Bestselling Internet Publisher and Radio Personality

"LEONARD GEORGE booked a radio tour for my travel book that helped me reach an audience of millions and propelled my book onto a prominent bestseller list for months," says Nemcoff whose book Where’s My F***ing Latte?” instigated an exposé on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD about celebrity assistants. Nemcoff is an award-winning, best-selling independent author/publisher of over 10 non-fiction and fiction works, and of the radio tour LEONARD GEORGE secured, he says: "Doing radio not only reaches people that social media just can't, but it also greatly increases your brand's profile in the eyes of your existing audience. LEONARD GEORGE delivered key radio interview opportunities, both nationally and in local markets that helped me gain new fans and definitely moved the needle in terms of sales." 

Billy Franks, Musician, The Who, Far Cry from Sunset, self-publishing, authors, books, U2, Prince Harry
A FAR CRY FROM SUNSET by UK Singer-Songwriter BILLY FRANKS, Who Opened for U2, The WHO

LEONARD GEORGE, with British familial roots at its core, has become a hub for packaging UK-based talent for US audiences, introducing to the American marketplace A Far Cry from Sunset as a TV serial “Bro-mance of a Roadtrip” featuring ten music icons from Bruce Springsteen to Bryan Adams and Aaron Neville. The serial is based on the 'Almost Famous journey of UK musician Billy Franks of which an award-winning documentary and an interactive book of the same name was made. The book reveals stories of Billy Franks touring with U2’s BonoREM and The Who, partaking also in private parties with an unlikely friend in UK Royal Prince Harry

books, authors, experts, publishing, penguin
THE SOURCE By URSULA JAMES, UK's Top Hypnotherapist, Host of UK's 'Sex, Lies & Hynosis, Oxford Lecturer

Author, Ursula James, is new to US audiences, but in the UK, she ranks among Britain’s leading clinical hypnotherapists and wrote the first textbook for medical practitioners on the topic. Her textbook is required reading at Oxford and Cambridge where she also lectures and teaches. Ursula and her highly accredited team affectionately refer to the practice of hypnotherapy as “mind magic,” the backbone behind THE SOURCE, published by Premier Mind, Body and Spirit Publisher Tarcher/Penguin.

Hathi Chiti, children's books, books, authors, experts, publishing
HATHI CHIT BOOKS FOR KIDS by Award-Winning Author and Publisher RESMA SAPRE

LEONARD GEORGE packaged creators of the first, NY-based independent publisher to use an Eastern-theme to educate and entertain children about the world, Hathi Chiti Books for Kids, for media attention designed to initiate interest in a TV series of the same name. Utilizing Social Media, LEONARD GEORGE Tapped into Coveted Mommy Blogger Market. Of our work, publisher said: “LEONARD GEORGE moved our emerging new children’s brand into a media marketplace that sat us front and center with those most likely to motivate our target consumer - the coveted world of the mommy blogger. And worked with our brand message to deliver a wealth of positive online reviews from this elusive source.”

Style on a Shoestring, Andy Paige, Author, Books, Style, Experts, NBC, Startin Ove

LEONARD GEORGE delivered a multi-city press tour with in-studio radio, TV and print interviews for STYLE ON A SHOESTRING by Andy Paige, TV Style Expert & Beauty Makeover TLC’s Ten Years Younger, Starting Over.


And generated more press interviews than any other publicists for another fashion book, THE LORD IS MY AGENT AND HE ONLY TAKES 10% by Fashion Agent and Product Producer TYRON BARRINGTON.

Plus, other books, such as SCAMMED: How to Save Your Money and Find Better Service in a World of Schemes, Swindles and Shady Deals by Consumer Advocate and Travel Columnist Christopher Elliott.

Another in MEDIA TRAINING: A Complete Guide to Controlling Your Image from Jess Todtfeld, among the nation’s top media trainer. He describes LEONARD GEORGE’s top qualities as: “Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.”


More book promotions with INTERNAL AFFAIRS: The Abuse of Power, Sexual Harassment, and Hypocrisy in the Workplace by Nation’s Leading Workplace Issues Expert Kathleen Neville. Resulted in magazine features and an appearance on Good Morning America.


Author of WRESTLE MANIA Keith Greenberg says of LEONARD GEORGE founder, "Daniella has cultivated positive relationships in every branch of the media. People like her and, as a result, they immediately like the brands she represents." 

Tyron Barrington, Lord is my agent, self-publishing, fashion agent, books, authors

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