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At LEONARD GEORGE, we start conversations. Among the stories we tell  … 


Developed expert status of a nurse who created a new eyecare product to ‘nurse’ puffy eyes. Produced sizzle reel for introductions to TV agents with ‘As Seen on TV’ credibility. 

  • Packaged numerous other lifestyle experts for TV production partnerships, including a TV development deal with Dick Clark Productions for a celebrity BEAUTY EXPERT.

  • Shot TV pilot with the creators of iconic TV series HARD COPY/A CURRENT AFFAIR in an investigative travel series packaged as 'Baywatch Meets Indiana Jones.'  


  • Packaged a talk series for an ETHICS EXPERT based on today's headline-making ethical issues with executive producer of nationally syndicated court series JUDGE JOE BROWN.


Elevated reputation of a multi-million $$$ fundraiser. Resulted in a national TV debut, a new book franchise and higher profile speaking engagements with an expanded consumer base. View ROI.



Developed leading attorney into book and TV offering as legal expert on 'What's Fair and What's Not' with executive producer of long-running JUDGE JOE BROWN court series.


Negotiated a TV development deal for originator of industry leading digital travel properties with September Films, creators of long-running cable series BRIDEZILLAS.


LEONARD GEORGE builds brands based on individuals, advising on how to blend expertise with passion into a legacy. The company works with dreamers, visionaries and innovators who think big, are passionate about what they do, and want to lead by example. Sound like YOU? Read more.

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