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Media Ambassadors A Program for Thought Leaders


Over the years of working in television, I’ve certainly come to know some of those who have sealed the deal with a TV show of their own.  I too have had a development deal for a TV show, and can now share with you what I and others in the business have learned along the way.  But beware, not just anyone can land their own reality show. Even well-known celebrities don’t always score. However, what I know for sure are a few simple tips to get you started:

10K for the entire year.


-This gives us a better type of right fit prospect.  We are still focusing on Doctors, Lawyers, and business leaders

-The program focuses on Visibility, Publicity and Credibility. 

-On day one, they get a badge saying they are an official Media Ambassador as well as scripts / directions for leveraging in month one. People on social media will congratulate them / they can put this in front of prospects.

-Month 2 ... similar thing with their unique Media Ambassador page

-Month 3 ... an article placed on 500+ websites including ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS

-They are also being pitched the media every week for 52 weeks.

-Something different happens every month.

-They also get invited to two live events during the year... Media training and Speaker Training ( a $4000 value.) is a disruptor in the PR and Publicity space.


"Ambassadors" as they are called, are pitched to 6000 media outlets ever week for 52 weeks. The program focuses on three things for  it's clients:  Visibility, Publicity (guaranteed) and Credibility (through social proof.)

Check out some of the results:

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