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Pundit School 101 Packages You as a Lifestyle Brand

Our brand development service offerings build your public profile in which the world might want to take notice, and gets you ready to be in the consumer marketplace, like a Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, Judge Judy or a Dr. Phil. 

Who Are You, What Are You and Why YOU?

Includes foundation building, marketplace positioning, and brand packaging, using our 6 Step Approach to Branding and 6 Tools for Competitive Advantage


While we are experts at what we do, we rely on your expertise with best case scenarios dependent on the 8 boxes checked:

(1) Your ability to compete in a highly competitive industry; 

(2) Your exceptional expertise, uniqueness and originality; 

(3) Your talent, look and personality;
(4) Your on-air track record, level of on-air capability; 

(5) Your publicity value, press exposure and repeated interest;
(6) Your ability to make the best of short windows of opportunity;
(7) Your openness to advice and counsel, to take direction while also acting independently; 

(8) And, your financial resources for marketing necessities. 

Within our website we’ve included most all and everything you might need to know about our business and the benefit you can receive from our association, and likewise. Pundit School 101 concludes with ‘6 Takeaways.’ For sampling of a return on investment, click on ROI with more of the stories we tell as featured HERE.

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