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5 Tips on How to Successfully Work with the Media from Two Nationally-Known Media Experts


What might be news to you is not necessarily news to the outside. Write news releases with headlines that mirror those in the news. Address issues and trends relevant to the media outlet you’d like to be in.


"I do not want lengthy pitches or blatant advertisements masquerading as story pitches.”  

- Fox News Channel, Sr. Executive Producer


Announce news. Do not send press releases disguised as ads. Don’t start a press release with: “Tune In… or Don’t Miss.” Those are surefire ways to land in the trash.


“The best PR professionals … pay attention to and think about how a journalist writes a story.” - Reuters, Business Reporter


Target your press pitches. The more personalized your press pitches are, the more likely your story idea will grab the eye of an editor.


“The best PR professionals offer exclusive pitches.” 

- Fortune Magazine, Managing Editor 


Act as if the media is your client - your bread and butter. Without a track record of solid press relations, a publicist is worthless.


“Truly helpful PR professionals reply in a timely manner, help us know what the story is and work with us whether the story is good or bad for their clients. Those who do this will get a better ear.” - Wall Street Journal, News Editor


Cater to the media’s needs with a sense of urgency. If you don’t, your competitor will.


“The best PR professionals disclose information willingly and promptly. I would like access to top people unconditionally and instantly.” - Crain’s Insider, Editor 



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