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6 Tips For Authors and Experts

How to Maximize Your Publicity Campaign

When authors are proactive, responsive and prepared, the promotional experience can turn a mediocre publicity campaign into a spectacular experience, with valuable exposure for the author that will last long after a campaign has ended – as game changers in new business leads, new consumers and greater credibility as the leading expert in the marketplace. Books are walking advertisements, business cards at their best and door openers to speaking opportunities that your competitors may not have. Here are a few tips to enhance the experience:

  1. Answer your publicist’s questions ASAP. When we need an author to answer a question related to a media inquiry, interview opportunity, expert commentary, etc. we need it ASAP. Reporters, bloggers, editors and producers are often working under tremendous pressure and deadlines. If a day (or even hours) goes by, the media will often reach out to the next person on the list and the author misses the chance for their placement.

  2. Say yes to everything. When a publicist recommends a media opportunity to an author, if at all possible, the author should do it. One of past authors, an expert at negotiating with the IRS to determine payments/reduced fees, did a late night radio interview on a small station in the middle of North Dakota. One listener heard the interview, called the author and it turned into a $100,000 client.

  3. Write the article, on time. If asked to write a bylined article (an article written by the author based on a topic related to his or her book), the author should again say yes when possible, research the target audience, follow the guidelines for length and style, and meet the deadline set by the editor. The articles are valuable because the author controls the content and message, and they are perfect for populating social media platforms, websites and marketing collateral.

  4. Know your audience. Publicists will provide authors information about each interview. Before authors talk to a host, reporter, or editor, we recommend they research the outlet and person to further understand the listeners or readers, past work by the media professional, and the format of the print, broadcast or online outlet. The more authors know about their audience, the better focused the interaction will be.

  5. Give your publicist feedback. Authors are the experts on their own topic. While publicists research and follow news trends that tie into an author’s work, the authors who excel are the ones who give their publicist ideas on angles and news stories that excite them and relate to their book or background. In Susan’s case, she has a unique opinion and point of view on a national breaking news story, which she shared with her publicist. Her publicist is in the process of setting up a national television segment about this hot topic.

  6. Say thank you. As publicists, we always thank the media after they have featured one of our authors. Authors who stand out are the ones who send their own thank you email or handwritten note to those who have interviewed them. Everyone likes to be appreciated. This small gesture builds good will—and return invitations.



LEONARD GEORGE equips authors with insider tricks and training on how to feel and look professional and confident in every interview. Just ask us how or learn from authors who trusted their reputation in our hands!

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