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Generating Awareness and Acquiring Social Validation

Your First Impression, What Does It Say?

Includes executing marketing campaigns that ensure your talent, expertise and services are CREDIBLE ENOUGH to resonate with current and potential customers, COMPELLING ENOUGH for consumers to engage, NEWSLY ENOUGH to generate media exposure, and TIMELY ENOUGH to easily be inserted into news of the day. Start by answering the following questions:

#1 Yes/No Do You Consistently Look the Part?

Hair, Make-Up & Wardrobe Coaching

#2 Yes/No Do You Have a Professional Photo?

Head Shots, 3 Set Ups


#3 Yes/No Can You Talk the Talk?

Media & Presentation Training


#4 Yes/No Do You Have an Expert Reel?

Promotional Video, Expert Tips


#5 Yes/No Are You Active In Your Industry?

Red Carpet Access, Personal Appearances


#6 Yes/No Do You Have a Signature Trademark?

Logos, Business Cards, Copyrights & Trademarks


#7 Yes/No Do You Have Followers, Audience Reach?

Websites, Blogs & Social Media Connectors


#8 Yes/No Do You Have Audience Giveaways?

Promotional Items, Product Lines

If YES to most, you are ready for MARKETING. If NO to some or all, then go back to Pundit School 101 DEVELOPMENT. With questions answered, read MORE.

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