As Seen on TV

Credibility Advertising Can’t Buy

All good brands need a 'buzz' about them. Is your product featured among 'Must Have' brands?

Did you know a 60-second spot on THE TODAY SHOW is estimated at $60k, and a 5-7 minute ‘infomercial’ segment organically featured on DR. PHIL or THE DOCTORS starts at $250-$350k? Our rates on local ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates across the United States are significantly more affordable.

Among Today's 'Must Have' Products as Seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX Affiliates Across the United States

LEONARD GEORGE generates consumer awareness and marketplace credibility of products in the form of 'As Seen on TV' through placement on talk show segments hosted by influencers with social media followings on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Brands are featured alongside other products as a ‘Must Have’ and/or ‘Most Recommended.’  

Return On Investment is estimated at 25% more on the marketing dollar than ROI on traditional advertising. That percentage is because of the value a third-party media endorsement brings. Instead of you saying YOU are the best thing since slice bread, influencers and TV hosts do that for you, generating consumer confidence in your product over others, credibility advertising can’t buy.

At LEONARD GEORGE, founder DANIELLA CRACKNELL has driven large-scale promotional campaigns for high-profile daytime talk shows, TV newsmagazines and cable lifestyle programs. As such, is well versed in producing media placement for YOU. She is a TV packaging producer and nationally known as a TV publicist from New York to Los Angeles.

You TOO can be featured among today's 'Must Have' products.

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