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As Seen On TV

Credibility Advertising Can't Buy

  • 1 hour
  • 1,500 US dollars
  • Telephone

Service Description

LEONARD creates ‘As Seen On TV’ credibility for brands through product placement on local market talk show programs. Brands are featured alongside other products as ‘A Must Have’ and/or ‘Recommended Products’ through TV segments hosted by consumer influencers with social media followings. Product placement rates are not 'a media buy' where you buy advertising airtime or what the media industry calls ‘TV spots.’ Our rates cover administrative and production costs associated with producing non-biased, organically viewed TV product segments hosted by influencers with social followings. The ROI: Credibility Advertising Can’t Buy The objective of a product placement segment is to generate consumer awareness and marketplace credibility, which can be estimated in ROI at 25% more on the marketing dollar than ROI on traditional advertising. That percentage is because of the value a third-party media endorsement brings, which generates consumer confidence in your product over others, credibility advertising can’t buy. Deliverables: • Inclusion in a local market product roundup segment approximately four (4) minutes alongside 4 to 6 other non-competitive featured products; • Airtime of an estimated thirty (30) seconds to one (1) minute of host and/or correspondent discussion of 1 to 3 of your key messages provided by you about your brand; • Downloadable clip and/or weblink of TV segment (as noted by *) that brand retains and has rights to use in own marketing materials and social media; • Exclusivity in product category per segment as a “Recommended” and/or “Must Have” product. Hosts do not feature same category products on same segment. Disclaimer: • In the event a segment is cancelled or your product is cut out, we will reimburse you and/or forward your payment towards another upcoming segment. • Due to live tapings of product segments where anything can happen, exposure time and exactness of product messaging and display can only be guaranteed with perfect precision by purchasing an advertisement. • Publicity v. Advertising equivalency rates are not provided by LEONARD GEORGE but can be garnered by your calling each individual TV station in Cost Per 30-Second Spot for price of a TV commercial. • Samples sent will not be returned unless you include a return addressed shipping label and a $50 handling fee made out to the influencer.

Contact Details


500 Egret Circle, Delray Beach, FL, USA Suite #8406

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