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Product Placement Program Featured Among Today's 'Must Have' Products 'As Seen on TV' 

You will receive: 

  • Inclusion in an estimated (5) minute product roundup segment alongside approximately 4 to 6 other non-competitive featured products;

  • Airtime on TV of an estimated up to thirty (30) seconds to one (1) minute of host and/or correspondent discussion of one (1) to three (3) of your key messages provided by you about your brand;

  • Downloadable clip and/or weblink of TV segment where YOU retain rights to use in own marketing materials and social media; 

  • Exclusivity in product category per segment as a “Recommended” and/or “Must Have” product. 

To secure a product placement spot among other featured products, simply EMAIL us at DCracknell@LEONARDGEORGE.TV and we will send you a schedule of upcoming segments along with our rate card. You will then be invoiced accordingly. Your product placement is secured for you when full payment has been received. Payment also confirms you agree to all of terms and conditions as outlined here, and fully understand our disclaimer as featured below. You will also be asked to provide the following 4 Marketing Materials for deliverables on air:

  1. 3 Key Message Points about your brand stated simply in short statements termed by the media as ‘sound-bites’ or as one might call an 'elevator pitch' as one-liners used to communicate the WHO, WHAT, WHY about your product within an on-air window of opportunity; 

  2. Jpeg Artwork of Your Product, professionally produced;

  3. Where to Buy Information such as your website on where to purchase;

  4. Retail Price, the price consumers can expect to pay.

This ‘booking’ sheet will be used as a guideline for what is said on-air. Due to the constraints of LIVE segments, verbiage provided can’t be promised to be exact. This goes as well for TAPED segments. One time to film/tape each segment is given for the length of each segment, which may be edited. LEONARD GEORGE also has no control over where the camera shoots product images. Every station works independently, and each has their own production requirements, of which we adhere. 


Keep in mind that media exposure is just that – exposure. While we want YOU to experience a sales boost with perfect delivery when your product goes on the air, we note strongly that product placement segments DO NOT deliver a direct link to sales. As mentioned above, product placement segments provide you with a sales tool in a TV clip for use in your marketing efforts, to leverage for marketplace credibility and consumer confidence. 

According to research,it takes 3-5 times of message delivery to change consumer behavior, to direct interested parties your way. That number jumps to nine (9) times in developed countries such as the USA where information is on overload. To put a dent in sales, we recommend making TV product segments part of your monthly marketing strategy, plus other marketing initiatives such as Influencer, Blogger Outreach, Social Media Content and Facebook-Instagram Advertising, of which we can advise as well.

  • In the event a segment is cancelled or your product is cut out, we will reimburse you and/or forward your payment towards another upcoming segment.

  • Due to live tapings of product segments where anything can happen, exposure time and exactness of product messaging and display can only be guaranteed with perfect precision by purchasing an advertisement.

  • Publicity v. Advertising equivalency rates are not provided by LEONARD GEORGE but can be garnered by your calling each individual TV station in Cost Per 30-Second Spot for price of a TV commercial. 

  • Samples sent will not be returned unless you include a return addressed shipping label and a $50 handling fee made out to the influencer. And, if your product does not arrive prior to taping, fees are also not returned. Delivery of product by deadline is your responsibility.

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