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Starter Media Tour, Are You Ready to Talk?

Did you know that more than an estimated 200 million American commuters listen to the radio and podcasts on their way back and forth to work every day, making radio THE MOST POWERFUL MEDIA there is even more powerful than TV? 


Did you also know that you can reach those 200 million commuters easily, without ever leaving home, simply by being a call-in guest on programs they listen to and those outlets need to fill their shows with interesting and enlightening content that keeps their audiences tuned in and listening. 


So, if you have something to talk about, radio stations and podcasts need you! Can you save people money and time? Can you enrich their lives? Or, teach them something new? 


If so, you can tap into the ever-flowing fountain of radio and podcast publicity, a specialty at LEONARD GEORGE. This reputation development company has booked celebrities, authors and thought leaders on countless radio and podcasts. Now YOU!

“For my book Bedtime Book for Dogs, LEONARD GEORGE opened promotional doors that were closed. Period. Despite challenging budgets and resources within today’s publishing industry, LEONARD GEORGE found solutions, possibilities, and made it happen.” 

NEW YORK TIMES Best-Selling Author BRUCE LITTLEFIELD, Co-Author of Use What You’ve Got with NBC Shark Tank mogul Barbara Corcoran

All book formats are promotable from traditional paper books sold in stores to new media Kindle books available on Amazon; as well as self-publishing, niche, print-on-demand (P.O.D.) books. 


LEONARD GEORGE also equips authors with insider tips on how to win at every interview. Plus, learn from authors who have trusted their reputation in the hands of LEONARD GEORGE. 


Ready to start talking? Simply click on program title for step by step on how this tour works as well as what's included ... 

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