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LEONARD GEORGE brings top tier expertise to the table and, as a client describes, with a “high standard of delivery, top notch responsiveness and follow-through," key reasons clients come to LEONARD GEORGE.

Leonard George Figurehead, Lead Inspirat
Figurehead & Inspiration

LEONARD GEORGE has familial heritage out of London, and is named after the late actor Leonard George Cracknell of BBC television and radio fame. His reputation among Britain’s leading male actors began at an early age where the young lad was discovered by talent agents during a school play. He quickly rose to theatrical stardom on London’s West End and then with leading roles in British television, radio and film. The late actor now sits as company figurehead and lead inspiration. His daughter, DANIELLA CRACKNELL, owns and operates Florida-based LEONARD GEORGE, and founded LEONARD GEORGE as a tool to turn dreams into reality. Her experience base comes from living and working in the nation's top media markets, places where reputations garner media influence and national clout. Read more OUR STORY.

Daniella Cracknell
Founder & Principal

DANIELLA CRACKNELL creates and promotes renaissance brands, merging one industry with another, and is a seasoned marketing and business development executive who has been quoted in top tier publications from USA TODAY, THE NEW YORK TIMES and THE NEW YORK POST as a Media Spokesperson for high profile daytime talk shows and TV newsmagazines, those hosted by some of the most highly recognized news and entertainment personalities in America. As such, she’s worked with the late Dick Clark and Alan Thicke, Geraldo Rivera and Jane Pauley, Hollywood heart-throb Mario Lopez and funnyman Howie Mandel, and for a red carpet, OPRAH, plus other long-standing talk show hosts LEEZA, MAURY, ROLONDA, also working with iconic executive producers who have shaped the landscape of television. She has stirred media controversy, handled media crisis and negotiated national new stories featured on THE TODAY SHOW, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and on cable news. Read more EXPERTISE​.

Jess Todtfeld Media Trainer.jpg
Jess Todtfeld
Nation's Top Media Trainer

JESS TODTFELD, A Guinness Record Setter for Being Interviewed the Most Times in 24 Hours has been featured on just about every major U.S. television network, and between 50 and 100 newspapers. He has been a TV producer on the national level at ABC, NBC, and FOX.  He has also worked as a reporter and hosted programs that have appeared on national networks. His latest book was an international best seller Media Secrets: A Media Training Crash Course hit #1 on 25 different Amazon lists in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia. He is lead media trainer for our 'Pundit School' program.

Andy Paige - Headshot Yellow IMG_1065.JP
Andy Paige 
Celebrity Image Stylist Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe All-In-One

TV stylist ANDY PAIGE with her “Cents of Style” philosophy brings industry savvy to LEONARD GEORGE as our lead image coach. At LEONARD GEORGE, Andy ensures all our clients appear with the utmost cents of style each and every time they appear in front of audiences of any kind, especially on camera. Her hair, make-up and wardrobe combo package is specifically designed to make certain what’s represented on the inside is matched with sophistication, style and substance on the outside. Andy helped reality TV mogul Mark Burnett with media image on his hit series CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. Prior to, Andy was among the three featured stylists on the popular TLC makeover series TEN YEARS YOUNGER, and was the lead image expert on the first-ever daytime reality drama STARTING OVER that won industry awards for its popularity in helping women better their lives. 

Rebecca Lough
Private Chef and Personal Food Shopper, Director of Operations, Events

How Do I Cook That? Rebecca helps and teaches individuals and families to eat healthy. As a health and nutrition minded private chef and personal food shopper, Rebecca shares a passion for food science and food styling through her Boca Raton-based Rebel and Helen’s Kitchen cooking services. Her specialty features healthy meal options low in saturated fat and salt, and infused with great flavor and organic ingredients, plus personalized to a client’s dietary and allergy restrictions. She is experienced in preparing high volume meals for social and professional gatherings, managing vendor and sponsorship relations, as well as establishing standards of personnel performance. Her most notable client is the late Shah of Iran where she served his family for a number of years, and in most recent years, served the family of a retired Floridian politician. Clients have said, “Rebecca delivers an exceptional level of service” and “creates unique and fun catering events for sponsors.” She comes with a seasoned knowledge of conference and banquet service, cooking equipment and tools, safe food handling, table setting arrangements, wine pairing, staff management and catering, and is currently in co-production with LEONARD GEORGE as Director of Operations for an upcoming wellness retreat for ladies who spa. She also oversees private dinner parties for LEONARD GEORGE.

LG WEBSITE Heather Hahn.jpg
Heather Hahn
Social Influencer, 70k Followers

Social influencer HEATHER HAHN manages social media accounts, and is the also founder and editor of the life + style blog 'The Lovely Little Blonde' that is curated by beauty, fashion, travel, food, and categories to elevate daily life. She has 70K followers to date across the platforms of Twitter and Instagram, and is followed by a variety of celebrities. Heather has worked with a variety of brands ranging from Asos, Juicy Couture, to Kohls and many more, and now joins us here at LEONARD GEORGE!



LEONARD GEORGE conceptualizes new brands for mass appeal and reinvents old ones as new and useful

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