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A THOUGHT LEADER - Is that you?

Personal Brand Management: Building Legacy Brands Based on an Individual's Expertise and Passion

LEONARD GEORGE advises on how to blend expertise with passion to build a legacy, a next-level career as a starting off point for business executives, leading experts, speakers, and authors to move into the spotlight. The company works with dreamers, visionaries, and innovators who think big, are passionate about what they do and want to lead by example.


Sound like YOU but too busy being YOU to fulfill your dream? Not to worry. 

LEONARD GEORGE, with an expertise in start-up operations, moves ideas into reality, building legacy brands YOU can step into, all while allowing YOU to continue being YOU. We do the work so you don’t have to, then advise on what it takes to be and stay in the public eye. We call it ‘Pundit School’ with 3 Enrollment Levels:


Packages You as a Consumer Brand

Who Are You, What Are You and Why You? Pundit School 101 includes foundation building, marketplace positioning and brand packaging, using our “6 Step Approach to Branding” and “6 Tools for Competitive Advantage” so consumers will want to invest in YOU. While we are experts at what we do, we rely on your expertise. Investment is customized to your brand and is based on a project, retainer rate, dependent on your need and budget. Your point of entry depends on ‘8 Industry Requirements.’ To start, see how many you can check off. Click HERE.

Builds Interest Among Influencers

What Does Your First Impression Say About You? Pundit School 202 includes executing a marketing plan that ensures your talent, expertise and services are CREDIBLE ENOUGH to resonate with current and potential customers, COMPELLING ENOUGH for consumers to engage, NEWSY ENOUGH to generate media exposure, and TIMELY ENOUGH to easily be inserted into news of the day. Investment is customized to your brand and is based on a project, retainer rate, dependent on your need and budget. 



Manages Public Appearances

Are You Today’s News Headline? 

Pundit School 301 includes selling your talent, expertise and services as a broadcast, publishing and/or merchandising property, maintaining and monitoring your brand for leverage and opportunity, keeping a close eye on competitive products and industry trends, and using our “Steps to Author & Speaker Status” as well as our “15 Steps to Hosting Your Own Show.” Based on 15% industry standard commissionable fees of a talent, executive CEO manager. 


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