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Why Reviews Matter?

Word-of-mouth social credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed.

According to studies, 84% of consumers trust Word-Of-Mouth recommendations the most. 70% of consumers also learn about YOU through articles rather than ads.  

The first thing to know about reviews is that they are powerful because they are not YOU tooting your own horn. Word-Of-Mouth, a LEONARD GEORGE specialty, is the oldest, most basic form of brand-destination marketing. 


Whether it is tune in to a TV program, buy a product or visit a location, LEONARD GEORGE shares the stories of WHY YOU? But don’t take our word for it … 

“LEONARD GEORGE moved our emerging new children’s brand into a social media marketplace that sat us front and center with those most likely to motivate our target consumer towards a purchase. LEONARD GEORGE worked with our brand message to deliver a wealth of positive online reviews from highly coveted consumer influencers."

Award-Winning Author and Publisher Reshma Sapre of HATHI CHITI BOOKS FOR KIDS

Reviews are still today the most trusted source of information that engages consumers. Word of mouth (aka, a human connection) is called ‘social proof.’ A ‘thumbs up’ represents, according to studies, 5-9% more business leads because of social validation. 


Nielsen research reports consumers trust recommendations above all other kinds of marketing, indicating what happens online is often just a pale reflection of what’s happening offline where influencers share information, not only through their ‘social followers,’ but also amongst friends, family and coworkers, delivering more than the eye can calculate!


Despite what everyone knows about the importance of word-of-mouth, this marketing tactic often falls under less priority because it is hard to quantify, even by best industry experts. Don’t let this happen to YOU. Budget UP! Article marketing is one of the best methods to:


*        Deliver FREE traffic to your website

*        Build your credibility

*        Entice more customers


Your success hinges on a good headline. At LEONARD GEORGE, we are content generators and experts at writing headlines that are CREDIBLE, NEWSWORTHY and TIMELY. Let the next headline be about YOU!

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