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Your Landscape of Opportunity

With media interest comes consumer interest. At LEONARD GEORGE, we are skilled in the art of negotiating media opportunities. Similar to how an attorney is skilled in swaying opinions of a jury, we too are skilled in the art of influencing an outcome. The difference, of course, is that attorneys represent you in a court of law and come with legal expertise.

LEONARD GEORGE, on the other hand, comes with education, experience and credentials in the media industry, and represent you in the court of public opinion where the media is your jury. Like attorneys, but through a journalist lens and code of ethics, we package and present you for best-case scenario with the goal of delivering a win/win verdict for all involved.


Hence, the “art” of what we do. 


Maximum results cover mainstream, owned, digital media and social media, and can be measured by financial bottom-line impact, qualitative marketplace positioning, and quantitative audience reach metrics. However, due to the nature of an ever-changing media marketplace that can change on a whim due to breaking news, results are contingent on placing the right people, in the right place, at the right time, to make the right thing happen - your bottom-line happen. 

Of our work in this area, MAVERICK FILMS Producer Kevin Cleary says, “LEONARD GEORGE Founder Daniella Cracknell is the best media relations person I have ever worked with, PERIOD. She is dedicated to her clients and knows her markets whether you are talking about media relations or television. She is more than just a PR person. She has the sensibilities and skills of a true producer. Her hard work, guidance, strategies and advice are priceless.”



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