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10 Tools to Infiltrate the Marketplace

The following are recommended Media Kit Ingredients to have on hand prior to contacting the media. Each allows for leverage and opportunity to reach consumers and showcase your uniqueness in the marketplace: 

1. Media Introductory Letter

What Is Your 2 Second Commercial?  

2. Press Release, News Announcement

What Is the News? Who, What, Why, When, Where & How? 


3. Interview Topics, Segment Ideas

What More Can We Talk About? 


4. Expert Tips, Audience Take-Away

A Pre-Packaged Editorial Feature, Multiple Uses


5. Brand Overview

Unique Selling Points, Marketplace Positioning


6. Tip Sheet, Fact Sheet  

Credits, Brand Descriptor, Key Message Points


7. Q&A

One Interview, Works for Many 


8. Media Bios/Backgrounders

All Inclusive Into One Quick Read


9. Photography/Artwork  

Wait, There’s More! 


10. Media Targets

 Who Is Most Likely to Influence Target Consumers?


All of which need to be:


  • CREDIBLE ENOUGH to generate media interest 

  • COMPELLING ENOUG for the media to take action 

  • NEWSY ENOUGH to generate media exposure

  • AND, TIMELY ENOUGH, easily available to insert into news of the day

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